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Montana is leading the nation in manufacturing job growth and we need to continue this momentum. I serve on the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center Board whose job is to make sure that our small innovators in Montana have the tools and resources to compete globally.  One of the biggest challenges that our growing manufacturers face is a lack of a ready and skilled work force.  Therefore, I’m carrying legislation that would promote more hands on job training in our high schools so our kids are ready to walk into high paying jobs right after graduation. We will also work to support strong wages in our state’s agricultural economy by pushing the White House to go back to the table for the farmers in Montana and re-instate the positive aspects of the TPP.  Montana producers are among the best in the world, but they need a level playing field free from punitive tariffs and other unfair trade practices so they can master the global marketplace.




Montana has a proud tradition of service to our nation.  Ten percent of us have served in the military at one time or another.  When we send the flower of our nation into conflict, we have to expect that many will come home broken in body, mind and spirit and we should have a system in place that will serve them as honorably as they have served us.  Right now we are failing our veterans.  The VA facilities in Fort Harrison received one star out of a five star rating.  We are better than this and we can do better than this.  I’ll be working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get the politics out of the VA and get them back to doing what we need them to do, look after those who have given so much for us.




Astroturf organizations funded by out-of-state billionaires have launched an aggressive effort in our state to try to get their hands on the public lands that we all cherish. Montana is blessed with 30 million acres of public land open for all of us to enjoy and I intend to keep it that way. I grew up hunting, fishing and hiking throughout The Last Best Place, and I want to make sure that my grandchildren get to share in the same unique experience of this true Montana heritage.